Microblading (nanoblading) Training Courses

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Microblading Training Room Haydock, St Helens
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Microblading (nanoblading) Courses


Learn how to Microblade (nanoblade) and provide a PMU eyebrows treatment for your beauty clients.

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Start earning £750 to £2000 + a week on this fantastic career changing course​

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Microblading Course Haydock, St Helens

We run ABT Accredited and Insurable training courses at Olivias Beauty Training Academy in Haydock, St Helens.

As you can see the training academy is custom built and you will plenty of chance to practice your skills on latex before moving onto the live models.

What is Microblading (nanoblading)?

Microblading, (nanoblading) also known as eyebrow embroidery, is the manual method of cosmetic tattooing using a hand tool.  Fine semi permanent hair strokes are created by depositing pigment under the skin to create natural looking eyebrows.

You can charge up to £280 for one treatment so this makes it a very lucrative and profitable business and in most cases a career changing opportunity for everyone who completes this course.​

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Training dates for the Microblading (nanoblading) course:

*Note* - Due to popularity we are now running courses throughout the month, please ring or mail for dates

Call: 07563 546980

Olivias Training Academy Haydock, St Helens

Students Learning the Techniques of Microblading (nanoblading)

Students Learning Microblading Techniques

See How Popular the Microblading (nanoblading) Treatment is

Olivia also runs Beautilicious and provides the treatments she teaches within her Salon, You can see on our FaceBook page just how popular the treatments are. Once you have passed your ABT Accredited course with Olivia you can offer these treatments to your clients and earn more per hour than some of the more traditional treatments.

Comments on microbladed eyebrows
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Sparse Brow Alert - Look at the Eyebrows Now

Microblading is a relatively new treatment and can give a lot of confidence to a person who for years has suffered with their eyebrows. You can treat men and women and as you can see in the gallery below the results are amazing.

eyebrows before, during and after microblade treatment
Microblading before and after
Olivias training academy microblading courses
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Why train with us?

We offer an intense, comprehensive 2 day course covering a full syllabus of theory and the practical use of a microblading hand tool.

Our courses are ABT Accredited and Insurable giving you peace of mind with your clients.

We have 2 independent trainers with teaching qualifications and experience of working and teaching in this industry.

The maximum number of students attending each course will be four

Because there are never more than four students,

I have the time to give you all the attention you need and I am able to adapt my teaching methods to your learning style to ensure you leave the course knowledgeable and confident.

We use only the best microblading supplies.

Training dates for the Microblading (nanoblading) course:

*Note* - Due to popularity we are now running courses throughout the month, please ring or mail for dates


Call: 07563 546980


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Enquire About Microblading (nanoblading) Course
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We can do training dates booked by arrangement but you don't receive the discounted price that is included in this course.

Who will benefit from these courses?

My courses are suitable for complete novices who wish to extend their range of specialist services or for someone looking for a career change.  You will leave with everything you need to become a professional microblading specialist.

If you are a not a qualified beautician then we would need to also do a wax and tint course which is incorporated into your course.



HairStroke Microblading course stands at £1,100 for the course normally £1,500.

It's just £100 deposit to secure bookings

On the course you are required to bring 5 models as you need to work with 5 live models to complete the course at £50 per person.


We will help to get the models if you struggle to get them on our business page. The £50 goes to the Academy.

At the end of the course we supply you with a starter kit and your certificates.


The course is done at our Academy in Haydock, St Helens and while you are training you will be fully insured.


We can do payment plans also.


On completing the course you will receive two certificates:

Wax and tint  (ABT CERTIFIED)
Microblading (ABT CERTIFIED)

And you also receive a starter kit.