Plasma (Fibro) Blast Treatment

We can help to reduce those problem area's such as sagging eyelids, tighten neck skin, stretch marks, crows feet - the list is endless!

Plasma (Fibro) Blast Skin Tightening Treatment

Look 10 years younger, can be used nearly anywhere on the body where you have lines, wrinkles or loose skin.

The before and after below shows how effective plasma blast treatment is on the stomach, perfect for the removal of stretch marks after having a baby or losing weight.

What is Plasma Blast Treatment?

Plasma (Fibro) Blast is a revolutionary new treatment which is extremely effective. Non-surgical treatment which is designed to improve the texture and tone of the skin, effectively tightening the skin which results in the removal of wrinkles and stretch marks and in many cases the skin is left looking amazing.

Here are some of the most common areas being treated at Beautilicious;

  • Upper Eyelid Wrinkles

  • Wrinkles Around Eyes

  • Neck Down to Chest

  • Chest and Cleavage

  • Crows Feet

  • Upper Lip Lines

  • Wrinkles on the Face

  • Acne & Acne Scars

  • Incisions or Surgery Scars

  • Fat Accumulation

  • Stretch Marks

The procedure is quick and as there is no surgery the treatment can be administered at the salon in Haydock, St Helens. Check our our dedicated Plamsa Blast Treatment site.


Plasma Blast Before, During and After Treatment

in the image below you can see the stages of the treatment of wrinkles around the eye and crows feet. The results are amazing and we are treating many clients for a variety of conditions and issues of various ages.

Unlike most beauty treatments the Fibro Blast is also useful for men, weight loss and stretch marks seem to be a popular treatment.

Enquire About Plasma (Fibro) Blast Treatment

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Olivia will have a consultation before booking you in for treatment

Plasma Blast / Fibro Blast

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💉💉💉 Plasma pen prices 💉💉💉

Upper eyelid lift £400 - NOW £99

Lower eyes (BAGS) £400 - NOW £99

Crow's feet £400 - NOW £99

Upper eyes area and crow's feet £800 - NOW £150

Lower eyes area and crow's feet £800 - NOW £150

Jowl Lift £800 - NOW £245

Cheeks £800 - NOW £245

Full face lift  £2500+ - Now £899 (2 Sittings - includes 10 facial areas)

Nose to mouth lines £300 - NOW £99

Full forhead £400 - NOW £150

Frown Line £200 - NOW £75

Marrionette lines £300 - Now £99

Eye brow lift £400 - Now £150

Upper lip/Lip flip £200 - NOW £99

Lower lip £200 - NOW £99

Chin £300 - NOW £145

Full Neck £600 - NOW £245

Skin tag removal £25

Age spot removal (Price varies)

Free face to face consultations on request at the studio or alternatively we now do WhatsApp facetime consultations. 

See How Popular the Plasma Blast Treatment is​

These are comments from Facebook and as you can see we have a lot of clients who have had Plasma Blast treatment and are really pleased with the results.

Enquire About Plasma (Fibro) Blast Treatment




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